In the last decades, the arrival of migrants from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe also meant the arrival of new social structures and systems to the continent. While there are numerous examples of successful integration and fruitful coexistence between the host communities and the arrived people, the existence of parallel societies has also become part of the European landscape, which is not independent from the original social systems of the migrants.

Perhaps the most distressing element of this story is the emergence of clan-based delinquency, which collects the losers of integration and the “European dream”. The internal cohesion, the modus vivendi and the unfamiliar nature of clan structures for indigenous communities and police forces make it extremely hard to fight against these networks. In our conference we will examine the nature of these groups, their presence from Vienna to Stockholm, and the possible ways to address this issue.

The date of the online event: 30/03/2021 (Tuesday), 15:00-17:00
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15:00-15:05     Welcome speech: Szabolcs Janik (deputy director, Migration Research Institute)

15:05-16:00     Workshop – moderator: Szabolcs Janik

  • Prof. Johan Lundberg, professor of University of Stockholm: The Clans and the Swedish Example
  • Emese Kovács, researcher of Migration Research Institute: Clans in Denmark
  • Viktor Marsai, research director of Migration Research Institute, lecturer of University of Public Service: The Role of Clans in the Somali Politics

16:00-16:25     Q&A

16:25-16:30     Closing remarks