The next speaker of the Center for European Studies is Réka Zsuzsánna Máthé PhD, our Senior Researcher, also a Research Fellow at EUSTRAT – University of Public Service, and an alumna of the College of Europe, Bruges.

She would like to share her published paper with the audience at the event, the theme of which is:

Antisemitism has been a problem in the European Union in spite of various measures aiming to reduce hostility. The events of the past few years in Western Europe draw our attention to what seems to be a newly emerging crisis. The event will try to answer questions regarding this topic.

What trends show the subjective and the objective measures regarding the safety and well-being of the Jewish community of the EU?

Where are antisemitism and the number of antisemitic incidents increasing?

Who are the perpetrators of most antisemitic incidents?

It seems that the current wave of incidents can be related to extremist Muslims or left-wing political views.


  • Réka Zsuzsánna Máthé PhD


The event is free but registration is required at the following LINK.

The event will be held in English.

For MCC Students, participation in the event is worth “points”.

The event is not open to the press!