Technology regulations and data protection laws encompass an increasingly complex field of laws and regulations. Given the global nature of the world economy, businesses are confronted with data privacy and security issues more and more frequently. Within the EU, the GDPR became applicable and data protection laws are more streamlined within Europe than in other regions and countries. Many countries debate and modify draft bills that seek to adopt GDPR principles into their national laws, whereas the United States unable to agree on federal legislation that could override or harmonize diverging state laws on data privacy. It is therefore hard to find concise practical guidance how to streamline data compliance when implementing global systems or processes if the organization only has limited number of options to accommodate.

The members of the panel, Lothar Determann, Ádám Liber and Tamás Bereczki will discuss current questions of the law of data protection, data ownership and data monetization and how business may set up and streamline a compliance program in response to these challenges.

Lothar Determann practices and teaches international data privacy, technology, commercial and intellectual property law. At Baker McKenzie in San Francisco and Palo Alto, he has been counselling companies since 1998 on data privacy law compliance and taking products and business models international. Admitted to practice in California and Germany, he has been recognized as one of the leading lawyer and scholar in data protection laws. He has authored more than 150 articles and treatise contributions as well as five books, including Determann’s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law, which book is also available in Hungarian.

Ádám Liber and Tamás Bereczki are co-heads of the Digital and Technology Practice at PROVARIS Law Firm in Budapest and translated in Determann’s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law into Hungarian and will discuss with Lothar Determann recent developments in data protection laws and technology regulations and how that effect corporate privacy compliance.

The panel will be hosted by István Varga, Professor of Law, Head of MCC Private Law Center.