Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with Frédéric Saint Clair as he attributes the failure of liberal democracies in addressing current geopolitical crises to their entrenched adherence to a myopic social liberalism that disregards many civilizational concerns. Saint Clair's argument highlights how liberal democracies remain stagnated in outdated 20th-century ideologies, where concepts such as democracy, growth, inequality reduction, individual liberties, secularism, innovation, technological challenges, and debt reduction are all constrained within the confining paradigm of liberalism. He argues for the imperative to break free from the impasse of liberalism and embrace new modes of thinking to address the complex and urgent challenges of our times. In a departure from conventional Western narratives, Saint Clair will further argue that political models, exemplified by Hungary, may possess greater efficacy in resisting the shocks of civilization compared to their liberal democratic counterparts.

Language: English


5.00 – 5.45 PM Moderated discussion

  • Frédéric Saint Clair, publicist, author, and former political advisor of the Premier of France Dominique de Villepin
  • Moderator: Thibaud Gibelin, Visiting fellow of MCC

5.45 – 6.00 PM Q&A

Frédéric Saint Clair is a French publicist, writer, and former political advisor known for his conservative views. He gained recognition and became one of the closest political advisors to Dominique de Villepin, who was the Prime Minister under President Jacques Chirac.

As a political advisor, Frédéric Saint Clair played a significant role in Villepin's government, working on sensitive issues such as social security reform, counterterrorism, and foreign affairs. He was known for his conservative approach and commitment to French sovereignty and national identity.

After his involvement in politics, Frédéric Saint Clair turned to a career as a writer and publicist. He has published several books on politics, French society, and the defense of his conservative ideas, addressing topics such as national sovereignty, the defense of French culture, and immigration issues.