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Budapest Fellows and MCC visiting fellows spent a meaningful day at the formal coronation city Esztergom this week to get acquainted with one of the most important historical cities in Hungary.

Even in the itchy wind in the morning, the Danube and the Maria Valéria bridge, which was crowned by the discovery of the Basilica with the Renaissance Bakócz Chapel, provided a wonderful view. At the tomb of József Mindszenty in the Subchurch, the group could learn about the difficult life story of the former primate of Esztergom. In the Cathedral Treasury of Esztergom, you could admire the high-quality works of medieval goldsmithing, such as the Suki chalice and the Matthias Calvary (Corvin Calvary). The highlight of our afternoon program during the visit to the Castle Museum was the early Gothic castle chapel of King Béla the III, where they could see the behind-the-scenes restoration of a medieval mural. In addition to its history, the castle provided an opportunity to learn about the everyday life and cooking habits of its inhabitants. We finished our cultural trip by admiring the baroque and classicist buildings of the city center, and with that we said goodbye to the former coronation city of King Stephen the I.