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The first Transylvanian centre of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Youth Talent Program (FIT) opens its doors in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania). For free courses starting in October, fifth grade students are welcome to apply until September 30th. In addition, preparations for the launch of the FIT centre in Debrecen and Székesfehérvár are already in full swing.

The Youth Talent Program is a unique form of training organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium that provides exceptional, extracurricular talent management to upper secondary school students. The program raises children’s desire for knowledge, prepares them for further learning, and helps them to make informed career choices and make a difference in their lives. Thanks to FIT, for example, students learn to resuscitate, manage money, try themselves as a reporter, learn about the science of robotics, and even see the mysteries of futures studies.

In addition, children can take part in perspective-shaping sessions such as encounters with therapeutic animals, conflict management training or sensitizing encounters to introduce them to the world of people with disabilities.

“We are committed to making MCC free trainings available to all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin in the future. We are doing well in Transylvania, as with our newly launched Youth Talent Program, we offer young people the opportunity for talent management from primary school to post-graduation. The fact that we were able to appear in Transylvania with our program for primary school students is largely due to the city management of Sepsiszentgyörgy.” said Balázs Orbán, Chairman of the MCC Board of Trustees.

Zoltán Szalai, Director General of MCC, stated: “Currently, 700 young students are participating in the free Youth Talent Program. This form of training is available in six cities in Hungary (Veszprém, Szolnok, Pécs, Miskolc, Kecskemét and Budapest), as well as in Beregszász and now Sepsiszentgyörgy. The Program is planned to expand continuously. The offices in Debrecen and Székesfehérvár are expected to open their doors this year, where new employees are being recruited."

The Youth Talent Program is based on digital educational materials that enable home learning and a playful Saturday session that requires personal presence every two weeks. In addition, speech-centered English classes and additional community programs add colour to the opportunities offered by the Program. If the pandemic situation does not allow for personal occasions, the training will take place entirely in the form of distance learning.

“Our long-term goal is to develop cooperation with as many local institutions as possible. FIT offers a unique opportunity to develop the knowledge of Hungarian students in Transylvania. The Program is also popular in Sepsiszentgyörgy; from a number of applicants, we will select the twenty-five children who can finally join the exciting sessions,” said Johanna Baróthi, the MCC Youth Talent Program's Regional Manager for Sepsiszentgyörgy.

Fifth graders can still join the Youth Talent Program until September 30, they can apply with a parent's recommendation via the Program's website ( On the same interface, also until the end of September, those interested can register for positions in connection with the new FIT centres.