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The panellists shared many personal experiences of the Munich Olympics. The audience also learned a lot about the differences between the Olympics of then and now.

Zoltán Kásás, a player on the 1972 Hungarian Olympic water polo team, presented the silver medal he won at the Olympics, which was a great success with the audience. The importance of sport and the purity of the spirit of the Olympic Games was also emphasized in many aspects by Gábor Csepregi. However, the terrible events of the 1972 Games changed the atmosphere of the Olympics, according to the Olympians. The Israeli Ambassador to Hungary, Yacov Hadas-Handelsman stressed that the past cannot be changed, but that lessons must be learned, and security conditions must be treated much more seriously than they were at the Munich Olympics by the organisers. He also mentioned that reactions to major international sport events are changing, with people nowadays being informed about everything by the media and giving their opinion with their "feet". As an example, he cited the partially empty stadiums at the current football world cup in Qatar, which has no precedent in the history of the World Cup.