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The Mathias Corvinus Collegium Foundation has started negotiations on the acquisition of Axialis Holding Plc., in connection with which the parties have signed a legally non-binding agreement. The successful conclusion of the negotiations will depend on the effectiveness of the ongoing screening and official permits. In the case of the acquisition of the company, the buyer would indirectly be the strategic minority owner of Libri-Bookline Zrt. (or the Libri-Bookline Group) and will jointly manage the operation of the company group with the majority owner.

The MCC knowledge centre, which has been working in youth talent management for 25 years, operates international research and scholarship programs, organizes professional forums, conferences and publishes books in connection with its educational activities. MCC has been present in the book market since 2008 and intends to further develop its publishing and book sales activities with the planned acquisition.

Libri-Bookline Group is a key player in the Hungarian book trade and publishing market, and has a share in nine book publishing companies.