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Last November, David Teece (professor at the Institute for Business Innovation, Haas School, U.C Berkeley) and Nicolas Petit (professor at the European University Institute, Florence) published a thought provoking piece in the Financial Times titled “Europe should embrace digital change, not strangle it”.

On 30 March 2021, the Centre for European Studies MCC invited them to further expose their position and discuss them with a prestigious panel of decision makers, a representative of the private sector and thinkers from Hungary and abroad. State Secretary Orban Balász, State Secretary Steiner Attila, Vodafone's Director of External Affairs Orban Anita, Martonffy Balász from the he American Studies Research Institute in Budapest and Javier Santacruz from the Fundación Civismo (Spain) discussed with the main speakers during a ver frank and disruptive panel.

According to David Teece and Nicolas Petit:

  • the EU is not the best ecosystem for innovation to blossom;
  • Regulation cannot be the main answer while  dynamic capabilities is an important   part of the answer; ;
  • The Digital Single Market Strategy might strangle innovation instead of enabling it;
  • Pragmatism and strategic realism are badly needed in the EU, more than ideology.