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Europe should be united to call for a ceasefire agreement and peace negotiations – Professor Norman Naimark pointed out in a conversation organized by the Szekszárd Regional Center of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium. Professor Naimark, who serves as the Robert and Florence McDonnell Professor of Stanford University, as head of the department of Eastern European history and the senior fellow of the Hoover Institution along with the Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies and Lénárd Sándor, Head of Center for International Law discussed the geopolitical challenges of East-Central Europe and the importance of sovereignty in this region.

In response to the moderator’s question about the era of the change of regime and of the reunification of Germany, Professor Naimark stressed that the West failed to provide unanimous support as there were voices who, giving a false impression about communism, had preferred to maintain the status quo. Recalling his own personal experience, the professor emphasized that what the countries under the grip of communist military and ideological oppression wanted was to restore their freedom and self-determination, while East-Germans wanted a German reunification. The American Right and President Ronald Reagan provided courageous support for them to be able to realize this dream.

In connection with the European integration, Norman Naimark emphasized that national interests need to be pursued continuously. Within the framework of the European cooperation, member nations continue to seek their own prosperity and want to shape their own destiny. A country has a right to say no to the European Union if a policy initiative is not in their interests and the European Union has not other choice but to accept this decision. This is the case with Hungary that refused to transfer weapons and refused to support some of the sanctions. In response to the moderator’s question that instead of the European powers, it is Turkey who currently tries to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, Norman Naimark pointed out that the current war is a tragedy for the belligerent countries, for Europe and for the whole world. He stressed that Europe should be united to call for a ceasefire and peace negotiations.