Mathias Corvinus Collegium

Budapest Headquarters


Since 2001, the Budapest headquarters of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has been housed in the building complex at 49-53 Somlói Road.

As the existing buildings, which have a difficult historical past, cannot be renovated, they will be demolished, and a new campus will be built on the ridge of Gellért Hill, preserving the symbolism and traditions of Hungarian historical architecture.


Although former students may have fond memories related to the old buildings, the premises have a rather troubled and difficult historical past. As the former headquarters of the Labour Guard, the buildings have a less aesthetic, fortress-like character, and cause a landscape wound on the ridge of Gellért Hill. The designer of the larger building, Margit Pázmándi did not include it among her major works. The interior spaces, which were once used as an armory, are fundamentally unsuitable for the talent development activities of MCC, and the technical condition of the buildings has become critical over the years. Experts clearly recommended the demolition of the buildings that can neither be insulated nor renovated.

Training center

Due to demolition and construction works, MCC has to cease its operation on Somlói Road. Until the new campus is completed, the most cost-effective way for the Foundation to operate is to rent a building, so, temporarily, it moved into the building of the former Danubius Hotel Flamenco. The Tas vezér Street building will serve as the Budapest training center of MCC for the next few years and will house a residence hall for students, community space, offices, and venue for events.

Results of the building condition assessment

The decision to create a new Budapest headquarters was taken, and MCC launched a design competition in 2021. A jury of eminent experts, including the chief architect of the 1st district of Budapest, announced two first prize winners, and one of the winners, Napur Architect Ltd., led by Ybl Prize-winning architect Marcel Ferencz, proceeded with the design of the new Gellért Hill campus. Transparency has always been a priority for MCC, therefore we have regularly informed the public and the residents of the district about the results, the design and the visual plans.


Our aim is to create, in the coming years, a new building that fits into the landscape of Gellért Hill, responds to modern needs and follows the traditions of Hungarian historical architecture and displays its architectural symbols.  In terms of the interior design, we will ensure that the spaces are suitable to accommodate the wide-ranging talent development program of MCC, and we favor solutions that reflect environmental awareness, sustainability and environmental protection. The former two-building complex and concrete-covered outdoor spaces will be replaced by a single building on the site, with much larger green spaces.  MCC's objective is to create a garden and park for all to enjoy, which will not only provide a pleasant environment for those who attend the courses at the Collegium but will also be an ideal place for recreation and relaxation for the residents of the area.