With my experience as a lawyer in the private sector, project manager and manager in the public sector, I try to develop the Zalaegerszeg Training Center and organize its programs according to the needs of the students of Zalaegerszeg.

As a law student at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium's University Law Program, I had the opportunity to study in an excellent professional workshop and made lifelong friendships. I am happy to work at the MCC to provide students in Zala with the opportunity to acquire a wide range of knowledge that complements their primary and secondary school studies, helps them to pass their entrance exams and school-leaving exams and is useful in their everyday lives.

My goal is to actively contribute to making the unique programs of the MCC available in Zalaegerszeg, in cooperation with the teachers and the local heads of institutions and teachers, and to create an inspiring community for students and an inspiring community.