Previously, I worked full-time as a paramedic for six years in addition to medical school, and it was this experience that made me decide to focus on disease prevention and the treatment of the root causes of chronic diseases in our lifestyle. After university, I was the first Hungarian to take the American Society of Lifestyle Medicine exam.

My main areas of interest are the role of behavioral and attitude change and the development of psychological resilience in sustainable leadership performance and well-being. As the Medical Director of the Longevity Project, I am responsible for the professionalism of our education-focused corporate health programs based on the Harvard Culture of Health Model, and I also work with high-performing, high-stress leaders and teams. In these individual and group processes, I typically work to support the prevention of performance anxiety, disengagement, consequential illness and burnout during critical periods.

For years, I have been learning from the leading international experts and pioneers in the field of contextual behavioral sciences. I regularly teach contextual behavioral sciences to doctors, medical students and psychologists.