In 1972, an unprecedented attack in the history of the modern Olympics took place at the Munich Olympics. In response to the tragedy of the Israeli athletes, the continuation of the program 50 years later remains one of the most controversial decisions of the International Olympic Committee. With our guests, we will recall the events of the Munich Olympics, in the context of which we will discuss the relationship between sport, community, and individual emotions, and the assessment of decision alternatives in a crisis situation.


  • Gábor Csepregi, Canadian national water polo team player at the Olympics. Programme Advisor at the MCC Leadership Academy;
  • Zoltán Kásás, participated in the Olympics as a player of the silver medal-winning Hungarian water polo team. After his playing career he stayed in the world of sport as a coach, achieving success in several countries, winning the Champions League with two clubs;
  • Israeli specialist.

Moderator: András Hajdú, Research Fellow, Center for Political Studies at MCC

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