In his autobiography, the celebrated inventor Ernő Rubik made this remark: “We often do things really well only when we do them playfully.” Play is not only a cherished activity, but also an attitude – a way of relating to someone or something in our life world. This particular attitude becomes manifest, for instance, when we respond with ease to the suggestion of an object or take risks in a frolicsome spirit or engage in a conversation with humor or do things without regard for their practical purpose. Then, for a certain time, we consider our actions and words as a sort of game. This lecture describes in details how and when we can adopt a playful attitude and highlights the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction it brings to our everyday lives.

Lecturer: Gabor Csepregi, visiting fellow, MCC

The presentation will be in English.

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Deadline for registration: 12:00 February 15, 2023.

Everyone interested in this topic is welcomed!