The most important question for the region and Hungary is how we can adapt to the new economic and technological environment.

At the conference, new questions are to be discussed in detail:

- how will the rise of new technologies change the structure of the world economy?

- what does the advance of new technologies mean for the region's economy?

- what are the policy options for Central European countries?

- where can investments be attracted from?

- how can Central European countries manage the diversification of players in the face of growing geopolitical tensions?

- what is Hungary's relative position in the competition for foreign investment in this industry?

- what particular technologies does the technological revolution rely on?

Joseph Schumpeter once wrote, "Economic progress in capitalist society, means turmoil." The technological revolution is a relevant question but in our case, the geopolitical interests of countries also play a crucial role in the development of industry, which makes it more complicated for Central European countries to continue diversifying their economies in terms of capital, investment and technology, so the access tp these technologies is also about the economic and political future of these countries.

Participation is free of charge but registration is required: HERE

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