Innovation and institutions are social expressions of two almost opposite processes: one brings change, whereas the others preserve the current state. And yet they are interdependently linked. Institutions provide endurance in legitimate ways of practicing social life and so reduce cost and uncertainty in economic interactions. Innovation refers to the introduction of novel solutions that offer potential for change in social and economic relations. Whereas some institutions are extractive and block social change, others are inclusive and support creativity and transformation. In this talk, I elaborate on the concept of institutions, envisage situations in which innovations and institutions clash, and I use empirical cases to demonstrate how innovations may succeed even in the face of institutional resistance. I elaborate on the concepts of controversial and illicit innovation as well as on different institutional morphologies of regional economies.

Keynote: Prof. Johannes Glückler (Heidelberg University

Panelist: Prof. Zoltán Ács (George Mason University)

Moderators: Kincső Héjj-Csizmazia and Csaba Johanyák


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