Contemporary political theory deals less and less with the issue of the actual functioning of political power. Political theoreticians are mostly interested in abstract ideologies and normative theories on justice, freedom, and equality. At our next lecture, Dr. Miša Đurković, Director of the Belgrade-based Institute of European Studies reveals the findings of his recent publications on the phenomenon of the so-called “Dark Corridors of Power”. The political scientist investigates whether it is possible to academically deal with issues of non-transparent power systems – such as secret societies, services or organized crime – and shows methodological as well as realistic possibilities for implementing such research. Many problematic modern-day issues – including obesity, construction of nations, role of foundations in the 21st century, color revolutions, digitization, etc. – will be covered during the lecture.

Language: English


4.00 – 4.45 PM Moderated discussion

  • Dr. Miša Đurković, Director, Institute of European Studies (Belgrade)
  • Moderator: Szabolcs Janik, Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences and History, MCC

4.45 – 5.00 PM Q&A

DR. MIŠA ĐURKOVIĆ works at the Institute of European Studies (Belgrade) since 1997 and he became a Director in 2016. He has published around 30 books and collections of papers. He completed his doctoral degree at the University of Belgrade in 2005 in the field of philosophy. He was a former adviser to the Prime Minister of Serbia.

We welcome all those interested!