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Respect for traditions and culture is the basis of modern conservatism, said Balázs Orbán, MCC's Chairman of the Board of Trustees in London. MCC's lecturers and researchers also attended the conference where they analyzed the Hungarian parliamentary elections. The event "What's Next for Hungary - The Political Landscape After the Election" was organized by the Matthias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), the Danube Institute and the Hungarian Conservative in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary.

At the conference, Dr Sándor Gallai, Head of the MCC School of Social Sciences and History, and István Kiss, Executive Director of the Danube Institute, analyzed the results of the Hungarian elections; Dr Attila Demkó, Head of the MCC Center for Geopolitics and John O’Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute talked about the effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war; and Rodrigo Ballester, Head of the MCC Center for European Studies, and Ákos Bence Gát, Head of Communications and Foreign Affairs at the Danube Institute debated European values.