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The present and future of AFinTech (financial technology), challenges, sustainability, digital euro, open banking and the winners of Covid-19 - just a few of the sub-topics discussed at the MCC Autumn Academy 2020 - FinTech for Business online conference on 28 November.

Given the pandemic situation that has begun in the spring, the MCC Summer Academy project, organized by MCC students, was organized in an unusual manner and at an irregular date, (i.e. this autumn): this is how the one-day online conference with the title "MCC Autumn Academy 2020 - FinTech for Business" was created, focusing on FinTech's intricate and fascinating world that has particular relevance these days.

During the day, participants could listen to two presentations from experts in the field, as well as participated in a case-solving workshop, a courtesy of CaseSolvers. Our guest speakers this year were Mary Alcantara, Deputy Director of MKB Fintechlab, and Dr. Trinh Anh Tuan, Associate Professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Head of the Corvinus Fintech Center, to whom we would like express our gratitude for accepting our invitation.

In addition to acquiring professional development and lexical knowledge, MCC Autumn Academy 2020 - FinTech for Business also provided participants with the opportunity to develop their soft-skills, including problem-solving and presentation skills, as at the end of the day presentations (together with case-solving) took place.