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The space in front of the MOL Main Stage at Széchenyi Square was packed with people who came to listen to the well-known broadcaster Tucker Carlson’s talk entitled "The World According to Tucker Carlson".

At MCC Feszt, hundreds of people listened to the world-famous media personality, who came to Hungary at the invitation of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC).

Tucker Carlson, one of the world's most influential media personalities gave a talk entitled "The World According to Tucker Carlson". The most-watched American commentator is the most powerful conservative in the United States, according to Time. He averages more than 5 million viewers a night on Fox News.

At the beginning of his speech, Tucker Carlson talked about the negative reports about Hungary in the Western media. He believes that all the accusations against Hungary are in fact true to the American reality. 

"When they ban humor, you know you're moving towards something dark." – said the presenter, referring to what he considers as dangerous trends in American public life. Carlson pointed out that the current political shift in the United States and the messages that were constantly being pushed were simply making people unhappy. 

If Hungary „that's been overrun by foreign powers for centuries … can have happy people, if they can do it, why can't we do it? - asked the presenter. He also spoke about his visit to the southern border of Hungary and the country's response to the 2015 migration crisis. Carlson pointed out, "When you love something, you keep it clean. [....] Order and cleanliness are not fascist qualities, they are virtues".