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On the October 20 event of the Leadership Club, we hosted Eszter Lányi, the Training and Innovation Director of the National Film Institute.

During the conversation, we touched upon Eszter's previous experiences and years spent abroad, but many questions were also received about the activities of the National Film Institute and her tasks as a training director. Our students were able to gain insight into the situation of Hungarian film production workers and the film industry, the impact of the current viral situation on the film industry, and the problem of the emerging shortage of professionals. Eszter was happy to answer questions about her leadership position, including what skills a good leader needs, what teams she has worked with in the past, and what challenges and opportunities she has encountered in recent years.

Thank you very much for the conversation!

Eszter Lányi has previously gained experience in marketing, international relations, diplomacy and project management. Between 2013 and 2015, she attended an intercultural psychology and pedagogy master's program at ELTE's Faculty of Education and Psychology.