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Our guest for the first MCC Lunch Talks event in 2023 was Orsolya Ludvig, head of the Center for Corporate Communication, who held a presentation with the title „The Voice of Corporations – Why Is It So Important?”.

Corporate communication is sometimes imperceptible, other times loudly blooming, and today it appears in all areas of life, not only in industry or economic related topics. The importance of the voice of the corporate sphere is constantly increasing, and with it, so does its responsibility. Why is this happening, and where is the development headed? The presentation revealed the results of the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer research, which show, among other things, a decrease in trust towards the government and the media, while trust in businesses continues to increase. However, the survey refers to 2023 as "The cycle of distrust". The trust in companies, as well as the growing demand towards them for taking social responsibility, makes corporate communication more and more decisive., and

After the presentation, Orsolya Ludvig, Gábor Csepregi, visiting fellow at MCC and advisor of the Leadership Academy program, and Boglárka Olajos, student at MCC, held an exciting discussion about the causes, challenges and opportunities of the aforementioned issues of corporate communication. They also discussed the importance of internal communication within companies, as well as the communication tools used in crisis situations, scenarios and possible consequences. Cultural differences in corporate communication were also covered, as well as such popular and necessary social topics as sustainable development, which is decisive both in the operation of businesses and in relation to their social responsibility.