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The outcome of the so-called mid-term elections in the United States could also have an impact on the Russian-Ukrainian war and Hungarian-American relations, as was said at a joint election evening of Mathias Corvinus Collegium and the Center for Fundamental Rights, where renowned foreign experts shared their thoughts.

The MCC Election Night event was opened by Zoltán Szalai, Director General of the MCC and Miklós Szánthó, Director General of the Centre for Fundamental Rights. In their speeches, they both stressed the importance of the elections, as the results could have a major impact on the relationship between our country and the United States.

In the first panel discussion, Gladden Pappin, Associate Professor at the University of Dallas and MCC Visiting Fellow; Steve Hayward, Professor at UC Berkeley; and Simon Hankinson, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, explored how the US political landscape would change if the composition of the Senate were to change. Mr Pappin highlighted the role played by the mainstream media in the election, noting that when Donald Trump won, Democrats talked about Russian interference, but called the 2020 election one of the cleanest elections ever. Hayward noted that the ethnic composition of the Republican Party is changing, with more and more African-American voters, so it can no longer be said to be the party of rich white people. Democrats are using the technique of scaremongering, said Simon Hankinson, who claimed that they are using the threat of high inflation and a ban on abortion to gain political advantage.

Panelists of the second panel discussion, Mark Milosch, MCC Visiting Fellow; Stephen Sholl, MCC Research Fellow; Mark Ivanyo, Director of Republicans for National Renewal; and Juan Angel Soto, International Director of the Disenso Foundation, examined what international events have had a decisive impact on the United States. The evening concluded with an informal discussion in a good atmosphere.