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As a guest of our MCC Lunch Talks event series, Dr. Zoltán Ács, guest lecturer of the MCC Visiting Fellowship Program, gave a lecture on the state of the digital economy in the 21st century.

During the presentation, we heard about the challenges that arose in connection with digitalization, the transition difficulties of companies and future challenges. We also received a detailed report from the American professor of Hungarian origin on the relationship of the digital or platform reform economy to users. Innovation and education are of decisive importance for businesses, companies and countries in terms of preserving future competitiveness. In the coming period, it will also be important to establish and strengthen trust with customers, as well as to find quick and sustainable solutions to changes in the private sector.

The purpose of the MCC Lunch Talks event series is to give MCC lecturers, guest lecturers and students the opportunity to discuss their academic work and research results.