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Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has published a strategy document which aims to lay down the unique teaching and educational principles of the institution. These principles have been crystallized over 25 years of experience, and following a professional dialogue conducted in 2021 and 2022, the document has been completed and expanded.

MCC, as the leading talent promotion institution in the Carpathian Basin, has been providing education and training for more than 25 years, offering free talent development programs for various age groups from primary school to adult age. MCC also functions as a knowledge center: in addition to our training courses, we have mobility programs and offer a wide range of scholarships for our students. We also publish books, conduct scientific research, organize international and national conferences and discussion forums, and promote scientific dialogue and a culture of public debate. MCC provides enthusiastic young people who are willing to act for the nation and their communities an opportunity to develop their talents, to learn from the best Hungarian and foreign experts, free of charge, regardless of their geographical or financial situation, for the benefit of Hungary and for the well-being of the Hungarian nation as a whole.

The year 2020 was a huge milestone for MCC. Building on its former institutional basis, a unique intellectual has been undertaken. Due to the endowment provided by the Parliament, MCC started to expand its public activities in both professional and geographical sense in Hungary as well as abroad. As a result, we are now present in 24 locations, educating a total of 5,300 students. The ever-expanding training portfolio of MCC requires continuous development of the sections describing our operational structure, at the same time we regard our education and teaching principles as a set of values that will stand the test of time. MCC aims to provide training and education for 10 000 students in 35 locations within a few years’ time.

This strategy document will enable the MCC to organize our teaching and educational activities along the same quality standards (the same values and methodological approach), taking into account local needs, at all training levels and locations of MCC. The document describes in detail the principles we consider to be the most important, which shape our work today and in the future.

The now publicly available document will be constantly updated. The scientific basis and empirical implementation of its content is subject to research by the MCC Learning Institute led by János Setényi, which started its work last year.