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In October 2020, our international scholarship program for MCC students, the MCC Fellowship Program, will be launched. Under the program, our four fellows can spend two and a half months as visiting researchers at German, French, Polish and British think tanks, mentored by the best professionals.

Prior to their departure, on September 21, our fellows participated in a half-day preparatory training organized by the MCC International Directorate. During the morning, Dr. Zoltán Szalai, Director General of MCC gave a greeting, followed by the presentation of János Máté, Head of Department at the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, on the foreign and domestic policy of the host countries. Boris Kálnoky, the head of the Media School, presented the professional criteria of the contents that can be published, and Fanni Surjányi, Head of Research spoke to the fellows about publication possibilities and strategies.

The aim of the MCC Fellowship Program is that the students upon returning home with experiences and knowledge will not only be important building blocks for their own professional development, but will also be able to enrich and shape Hungarian public thinking.