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In an authentic Brazilian atmosphere, the MCC Election Night series continued in Brazil, with a full house and more than 200 students participating at the event.

What does the future of South America look like after the death of Fidel Castro? What is happening in Brazil and what makes the Brazilian election important at the international level? - These and similar questions were addressed at the event.

The event featured two high-quality panel discussions and an exclusive online interview, live from Brazil. The evening was enriched by a capoeira demonstration, which was followed by the announcement of the results. The guests of the evening were Vajk Farkas, international director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights; István Rákóczi, a lecturer at ELTE; Katalin Szurovszky, a coordinator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gyula Nagy Sándor, a lecturer at BCE; Ferenc Kaiser, a lecturer at NUPS and Rodrigo Ballester, a member of the academic staff at MCC.

If for some reason you missed the event, do not despair, the MCC Election Night series will soon continue with the Israeli elections.