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Our last guest of MCC’s Lunch Talks series was Dr. Gábor Csepregi, past president of Université de Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg) and of Dominican University College (Ottawa) MCC's visiting fellow.

His topic encompassed the „Playful Attitude in Everyday Life”. During his lecture, he elaborated on the psychological aspects of being playful in certain scenarios, as well as knowing the appropriate place and time to express this kind of attitude. This phenomenon could be adopted spontaneously or consciously, as it generally changes the whole atmosphere and could be incorporated into everyday life. Of course, there are many scenarios, where the participants have to know the context in order to be responsive to a playful attitude. Most importantly, Dr. Csepregi emphasized that it all comes down to the notion of perceiving a so-called more serious situation not as a burden, but rather as an opportunity to express yourself and to be relaxed about it because things tend to go pretty smooth and well if this latter attitude prevails.