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This October with a group of students and colleagues from MCC have visited Oxford on the special occasion of the Sir Roger Scruton Memorial Lectures.

The students had a chance to meet with professional academic staff members from different prestigious colleges like Oriel College, Christ Church, Magdalen College. They had a sightseeing tour of the city of Oxford as well where they learned about the history and the architectural heritage of the city, also visiting the Blackwell’s bookshop with one of the most extended collections of professional academic literature in the UK. In the Ashmolean Museum, which is one of the most important collections in the UK, they had the chance to gain profound knowledge of British history and different cultural relics. During a walk through Port Meadow, they visited an old English church, the Church of St Margaret of Antioch, where they immersed themselves in the spirituality of medieval times. During the lectures at the Sheldonian Theatre, the speakers elaborated on the legacy of Sir Roger Scruton and other recent global issues, which helped the students understand the Scrutonian heritage more deeply.