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In recent times, just like the whole country, Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has also moved to help families in Transcarpathia whom the war has put into extremely difficult situation.

Committed to strong social responsibility, MCC has responded to the war in our neighbourhood as quickly as possible. We are proud of our students who, with the issue being close to their heart, have launched a fundraising campaign in cooperation with the MCC staff, several educational institutions, colleges for advanced studies, the Prime Minister's Office and a restaurant.

As a result, in the first week of March, the Foundation distributed nearly 7 tons of non-perishable food, clothing and other material donations to MCC students and their families, families in need in Transcarpathia and an orphanage. A shipment of donations was also delivered to 4 settlements abroad over the weekend. This enabled all the 97 Transcarpathian families involved in the MCC Young Talent Program to receive immediate assistance. In addition, the MCC Foundation provided a one-off emergency payment of HUF 50,000 to each family.

At MCC, we are also working to provide effective assistance to the 64 students participating in the Transcarpathian Public Leadership Training Program.

In addition to collecting material donations, MCC staff and students have raised hundreds of thousands of forints and offered free accommodation in MCC-managed buildings in good condition not only to MCC students, faculty and their families but, in cooperation with the Debrecen City Council, also to all those in need from Transcarpathia, to the extent of available capacity. We have already accommodated 9 families from Transcarpathia in the building of Grand Hotel Aranybika in Debrecen, with 21 more to arrive in the coming days, and 16 more families will move into our properties in Budapest and Győr. MCC is working closely with the Municipality of Debrecen to provide 60 additional places in the county seat for refugees fleeing the war.

In addition to physical help, MCC has set up a crisis hotline, where all those in need can call from Hungary or abroad in order to receive not only psychological assistance but also individual donations and social support. Information is also available here for those who wish to donate or otherwise help.

At MCC, we thank everyone who has helped families in need in any way.