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The Debate Academy of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) calls for applications from those who want to argue substantially, debate meaningfully, and become trained debate instructors. Young people over the age of eighteen are invited to apply for the small-group free training program until 11 November 2020.

During the interactive MCC training, participants can learn about the genre of debate, the basics of logical reasoning and cultured persuasion, and try themselves in a variety of debate formats. Students of the Debate Academy can acquire not only the skills of debating, but also the skills of teaching debate.

“How do I convince someone of my truth? What do I do if they refute my arguments? How to ask slick questions? These are all answered during our training, where we equip the participants with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be used in everyday life. Constructive debates help to solve problems and to establish collaborations, so they serve socially useful and community purposes” said Fanni Surjányi, Head of Research at MCC.

The program consists of an intensive training weekend and three discussion events which are organized by the participants, accompanied by further consultations provided with professional follow-up. During the training, students receive personal mentoring. MCC believes in the social significance of democratic dialogue and cultured debate, so it is important that successful graduates are both experienced debaters and skilled debate trainers who pass on the practical experience received at the Debate Academy to members of both their closer and wider communities.

You can apply for the training by filling out an online registration form and a motivation questionnaire, as well as sending a professional CV. Candidates will then take part in a recruitment interview. If the pandemic situation does not permit face-to-face meetings, the training will take place in the form of distance learning. The training is free of charge for all those who undertake to complete the training. More information is available at