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Ilan Wurman, an associate professor at Arizona State University, currently a visiting fellow at MCC, has paid a visit on 25 May 2021 to the Ferenc Mádl Institute of for Comparative Law upon the invitation of Prof. Dr. Ede János Szilágyi, the director of the Institute.

While there, Prof. Wurman held a lecture to the research staff of the Institute regarding many questions of constitutional interpretation in connection with an American approach to the protection of fundamental rights relevant to the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.

The lecture intended to provide an American point of view in connection with current European fundamental rights debates, shedding light on those legal arguments and points of view, which may arise in the realm of the so-called originalist school of conservative American constitutional theory. The lecture touched upon issues of civil and political rights, rights connected to due process, economic liberty as well as issues relevant to the requirement of equal treatment, focusing on the activities (and their assessment) of legal development carried out by the United States Supreme Court in this field.

Following the presentation, Prof. Szilágyi briefly introduced the operation and work products of the Institute.

Photo by Márton Sulyok