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At Monday's Lunch Talks, Dr. Szabolcs Nagypál discussed the role and present of social media with MCC Visiting Fellow Dr. Peter Boghossian, moderated by Kinga Popovics.

Mr. Boghossian gave an introduction about how to run a successful social media profile, which he demonstrated through his own successful YouTube and TikTok channel. His key remarks were that if a young person today wants to make money in the online world using social media platforms, it is inevitable that the content producer must be authentic in the subject they are talking about. During the talk, the dangers of social media consumption, the echo chamber effect, and the spread of the woke ideology were discussed, which Mr. Boghossian believes are the most threatening factors for young users today. In response to a question from the audience, Mr. Boghossian said that he believes it is unnecessary to spend money on advertising offered by the platforms to run a popular channel. He backed this up with his own example, saying that if the content is unique and of high quality, it is possible to grow an audience without these tools.