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The third MCC Election Night event of the semester was held, in an unusual way, on the day after the Israeli elections, where we evoked the exotic atmosphere of Israel and analyzed with experts the future prospects of the Middle Eastern start-up country in the context of the new government. In addition to trying the delicacies of Israeli cuisine, the participants could also try their hand at various games, with the support of the Israeli Cultural Institute. Those interested in martial arts and self-defense could learn more about krav maga, a street fighting technique developed by the Israeli army.

In the first panel discussion, our experts analyzed the run-up to the elections and the internal political situation in Israel, and sought answers to the question: how can such a diverse country find stability? Our guests were Attila Novák, a senior research fellow at the NUPS Molnár Tamás Research Institute and historian at the Goldziher Institute, former diplomat in Tel Aviv; Zsolt Csepregi, security policy expert; and Attila Demkó, head of the MCC Center for Geopolitics.

This was followed by a short online zoom interview with Tamir Wertzberger, international director of APL, who described the post-election atmosphere in Israel.

The second panel discussion focused on the international situation of Israel. Mr Moran Birman, deputy head of mission at the Embassy of Israel in Budapest, and László Csicsmann, an expert on Israel and professor at Széchenyi University, shared their thoughts with us.