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Trump or Biden - Second term or a new beginning?

At MCC Election Night held with the involvement of Hungarian experts, we sought answers to what Central Europe can expect from the potential results of the presidential election. We followed the debate of the American researchers of the Budapest Fellowship Program about the outcome of the presidential election. At a roundtable, Szabolcs Takács, Ambassador of Hungary in Washington DC, Márton Ugrósdy, Director of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Attila Demkó, leader of MCC’s Geopolitics Centre and Nicole Nemeth, a participant of the Budapest Fellowship Program discussed the effects of the elections on our region. Three researchers of the Fellowship Programme, namely George Bogden, Stephen Sholl and Ryan Brockhaus deliberated on the potential effects of the presential election on the United States. In the meantime, a true “election night” feeling was created through genuine American foods and beverages and quiet background music.