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On November 14 we organized the professional training day for our Secondary School Program with the title: "Data & US - How is artificial intelligence built to exploit data beneficial for us?". In accordance with current pandemic measures, the program that was planned to take place face to face, was instead implemented online.

We opened the online professional day with the presentation of Csaba Gáspár, a data analyst, who is a teacher at the Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and is the head of the department's Dmlab laboratory dealing with data science. In his presentation, artificial intelligence (AI) was discussed, in which we were received answers to questions such as in what areas does this technology play a key role, or how do we contribute to the process with our own data, and how can its power be put at our service?

Our second online speaker was Zsuzsanna Vargáné Bukucs, who helps the work of the Pénziránytű ("money compass") Foundation as a communication expert. As a mentor teacher, she and her colleague developed a unique, integrated, experience- and practice-oriented educational program in Hungary, which she successfully adapted in several economics and trade faculties. In her online lecture “The student's wallet - or what you always wanted to know about your finances, but you didn’t have anyone to ask”, she explored issues related to the concept of financial personality, the choice of bank and bank card, and credit applications, all in an interactive, playful way that is understandable to high school students.

After that, during the afternoon, the students could choose from several programs running in parallel, which we also carried out online. Thus, those interested could take part in workshops that focused on the drinking and smoking habits of high school students, but there was also an optional session that introduced participants to the world of case management methods and the possibilities of conscious information seeking.

Photos from the event can be viewed below. All our Secondary School Program students are welcome at our next training event on 5 December.

Photos: Tamás Gyurkovits