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The Secondary School Program closed the school year with the handing of nearly 320 certificates of the program.

On the 13th of June, we held the 2019/2020 closing event of the Secondary School Program. At the event, our graduating students had the opportunity to have a talk with Miklós H. Vecsei, Junior Prima Award-winning actor and actor of Vígszínház. Due to the pandemic emergency situation, the event was held exclusively for students now graduating.

"This semester, the epidemic has significantly disrupted the students of the Secondary School Program. We couldn't meet in person for months, also it came so suddenly that we could hardly say goodbye to each other. That's why it was such a great news for us that this year's graduates (though in line with safety measures) could personally attend the program's graduation ceremony So for one last Saturday event we were able to say a worthy farewell to the program and to each other - even if not forever.

The guest of the event was Miklós H. Vecsei. In his presentation, he related on many issues, talked about human relationships, his own life and motivation. It was uncommonly absorbing, I really liked the way he composed his speech. It was just good to listen to, so I will definitely watch the recording. The others I talked to enjoyed it similarly. The class was greeted with a short speech by Márton Nagy, a fellow student of the program.

Certificate handover was the most formal element of the program. A photo was taken of each participant as they received the diploma. As the formality went on, students with an incredible amount of successful courses proceeded to get their diplomas. My heartfelt congratulations to everyone and I am glad that the school year has now officially ended with such a good community.

This was followed by an open discussion on the Junior Training with two members of the University Program, who gave account of the training, admissions and, in general, dormitory life in a presentation with their own stories. I’m not saying I wasn’t enthusiastic before, but what they said perked me up even more. In the meantime, we have had the opportunity to get answers to certain questions not answered during the course or those that came up in relation to the emergency situation.

Eventually, it was time to say goodbye, unfortunately. People hesitated to leave - some stayed back for some chat, while others went on their way. I delighted myself with a small group and then left among the last, knowing that we would see each other again soon."

 Ágoston Németh - Wolfgang von Kempelen High School, Budapest

We congratulate the graduates on their achievements in the Secondary School Program and look forward to seeing them in the Junior Training of our University Program.