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The topic of the Secondary School Program’s Saturday training in May was argumentation techniques and discussion training.

Instead of our usual large-scale events in Budapest, we held our Saturday KP in online format for the third time, the topic of which were argumentation techniques, persuasion and rhetoric. On the morning of the May training day, Alexandra Szemere (assistant professor, Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Budapest University Of Technology And Economics) gave a live lecture entitled “Stay Home! - Ways of Persuasion in an Epidemic Situation” that was followed by more than 80 students of the Secondary School Program.

During the afternoon, students could participate in small group online discussion seminars or opt for sessions of admissions preparation of MCC’s Junior Training Program, where they could elaborate on the following topics together:

  1. Donald Trump’s 2016 victory shook the U.S. bipartisan system. Argue for or against the sentence! (international relations specialization)
  2. Substance use addiction is more detrimental to social relationships than behavioral addiction. Argue for or against the sentence! (psychology specialization)
  3. The key to the success of the European Union is to ensure enlargement. Argue for or against the sentence! (Central Europe specialization)