I am Máté Dombi, a first-year student at the Department of Economics and Public Policy at the Corvinus University of Budapest. From 2018 to 2021, I completed my undergraduate studies at the Corvinus University of Budapest where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Parallel to this, I had the opportunity to participate in the MCC Junior Program and later I became a student at the MCC School of International Relations. Even at the beginning of my university studies, I was very interested in the changes taking place in the post-Soviet area and how geographical factors determine the room to manoeuvre of states and their relations. The courses I have taken at university and at the Collegium have strengthened this interest. So, in the next year, as a member of the Center for Geopolitics at MCC, I would like to focus on the states in the post-Soviet space, and in particular on Ukraine.