Simon P. Kennedy is a research fellow at the University of Queensland, with affiliations through the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law. He studied political science at Monash University and completed his PhD at the University of Queensland. Simon is an intellectual historian, with teaching and research interests that span the intersections of law, religion, and political ideas. His first book, entitled Reforming the Law of Nature: The Secularisation of Political Thought, 1532-1689, was published in 2022 with Edinburgh University Press. Simon has published scholarly articles in journals like The Historical Journal, The Australian Journal of Politics and History, Public Law Review, and the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. He is also a regular contributor to public discourse, with articles in The Australian, The Spectator, Quadrant, ABC Religion Ethics, The Imaginative Conservative, and Mere Orthodoxy.

Visiting Fellow at MCC: February – April 2023

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