I am the regional manager of the MCC FIT Program in Székesfehérvár. I graduated from the University of Szeged with a degree in Health Sciences and completed a Master's degree in Health Promotion at the University of Savaria.

I have worked in the health sector as an educational organizer and in hospital rehabilitation wards, guiding patients' daily routines towards a healthy lifestyle. I have also been involved in health education as a class teacher. I have gained a lot of experience in both adult education and school-based training. I particularly enjoy working with children, and as a teacher I always prefer experiential education and community-building group work. For me, talent management means not only helping children to excel in their favorite subject, but also giving them an insight into other disciplines that they can draw on in the future.

I spend most of my free time actively relaxing, travelling, hiking and cycling. I always have time for an interesting/exciting book. In the Székesfehérvár Region, I welcome children with adventure and challenging activities.