Following in my parents' footsteps, I started my professional career as a teacher, and as a trainer I quickly moved into the world of skills and capacity building outside the classroom. After almost a decade of working as a trainer, I found business coaching, where I consider the greatest task and value is to create an inspiring environment for the personal development of the client, based on partnership and collaboration. In addition, in raising my three children, it is important for me as a parent to help them develop according to their abilities and interests. Like people in general, I am driven by the desire to know the world, to belong, to grow and to be in control of my personal life.

I see in the MCC a great opportunity for the realization of all these human and professional values and developmental directions, and MCC offers them to the students applying to its center in Szombathely. I would like to do my utmost to achieve these goals and to provide the highest quality professional content for our students.