As the head of the Kecskemét MCC representation, my main ambition is to reach young people with our programs and provide them with quality, meaningful programs and a meaningful community experience.

As a project manager, I have gained experience in a wide range of fields, covering all age groups and addressing a variety of social problems. As a social policy and human resources expert, I have been involved in the design, writing and management of EU-funded projects for almost two decades, and as a professional manager I have coordinated the implementation of a number of projects to promote social inclusion. The importance of talent management and the potential and value of the power of community have been reflected in my work experience in all areas.

I am committed to nurturing the talents of the next generation in our world of diverse opportunities, inspired by acceptance, love and experiences. I am confident that, building on our traditions and values, a generation of confident, open-minded and broad-minded young people will form a cohesive community through the experiential transfer of knowledge.

My colleagues and I aim to provide primary and secondary school students with a unique program that will contribute to enriching their community experience and unlocking their potential in a harmonious and loving atmosphere.

I strive to coordinate the activities of the Centre so that it is actively involved in the life of the famous city, providing a colourful and meaningful experience for young people and the general public.