I was born in 1988 in Budapest, where I grew up with my five siblings in a loving, large family. After graduating from the Deák Téri Lutheran High School, I was admitted to the Faculty of Economics at the Corvinus University of Budapest, where I graduated as an economist in 2011.

In my original profession, I had the opportunity to gain experience in the competitive sector as well as in public administration, both at home and abroad. My work has given me insight into talent management for young people in Hungary at the Carpathian Basin Talent Search Foundation. On a volunteer basis, I have been able to organize thematic summer camps for secondary school students for many years, and I have also been involved in the Elizabeth Programme, which offers camps for primary and secondary school students at Lake Balaton.  

Thanks to my previous jobs and volunteer activities, I have had the opportunity to work with young people over the past ten years, and as the MCC University Program Coordinator, I have the opportunity to use this experience and knowledge to further benefit them. I feel very honored to work with professionally dedicated, motivated and hard-working students at MCC, every day for a common goal and community.  

In my free time, I spend most of my time with my family and my son, but I also enjoy trying new sports and playing the cello and reading when I have the opportunity.