I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology in 2011 as a chartered architect and as the first engineering student at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Modern History and Central European Studies.

During my studies I was particularly interested in urbanism, building and urban rehabilitation projects, besides heritage conservation, and I also obtained my TDK places in architectural history with building rehabilitation projects with urban development potential.

I had the opportunity to study in Madrid as a scholarship holder, and after the Split-Trogir World Heritage Site, I worked in Aleppo (Syria) on the development of an international heritage conservation and development strategy for the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Old City of Aleppo" urban rehabilitation project.

After research and planning detours, I started to work in my hometown Székesfehérvár at the building authority, then I was responsible for the preparation, tendering and implementation of municipal projects. Currently, I am responsible for the Collegium's real estate investments in Hungary and abroad, together with my colleague Attila Bédi. It is a great feeling that the institution, to which I owe so much, has entrusted me with the management of the value-saving task it has undertaken in the context of the creation of rural talent centers: in the middle of the historic urban fabric, in the middle of the cultural life of the past 100-150 years of the given municipality, we are preparing revitalization investments that not only preserve the built heritage but also pay special attention to environmental sustainability by renovating historic buildings that have been abandoned and abandoned for years.