From January 2021, I will be working as the University Program Coordinator at MCC Szeged. For me, our motto that MCC starts where traditional education ends is especially true, as I am a teacher myself, teaching in two Szeged high schools. I feel that the MCC's network in the Carpathian Basin is an increasingly indispensable way of developing talented students, whatever their level of education. As a high school teacher and a doctoral student, I can see first-hand how the MCC's community life and talent management can fill a gap.  In addition to the varied challenges, I am honored to be part of a dynamic, talented, yet humble team.

Studies, current jobs:

I graduated from the SZTE in 2019 with a degree in Geography and History and have been teaching continuously since then, currently at the SZTE Practical High School and Elementary School and the Radnóti Miklós Experimental High School in Szeged. In 2019, I was successfully admitted to the Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science at the Corvinus University of Budapest on a state scholarship, and I am currently a third-year doctoral student. My research area is Transcarpathia, where I also worked as a team leader. Previously, my research focused on youth journalism and the intentions of young people in Transcarpathia to migrate, and I am currently conducting a temporal and spatial structure analysis of FDI inflows into this exciting region with its diverse nationalities.

Scholarships, awards:

2014-2020: Klebelsberg Training Scholarship

2017: 30 Years of Regime Change - Lakitelek Folk High School research grant, 1st place

2018: SZTE Talent Scholarship, bronze award

2018, 2019, 2020: Szeged City SZTE Award for Excellence

2019, 2020: National Scholarship for Higher Education (Republican)

2019: OTDK, FiFöMa section, II place

2019: SZTE Talent Scholarship, gold degree

2020: SZTE Talent Scholarship, Faculty Talent of the Year Award

2020: New National Excellence Programme

2022: István Pálfi Regional Development Foundation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: successful researcher competition 2022: National Strategic Research Institute, Scientific Creativity competition, 2nd place