Dr. Huub (Hubertus) Ruël (The Netherlands) is a senior researcher and one of the academic thought leaders on international business and diplomacy, specifically on business diplomacy and commercial diplomacy & international business. In his 20+ years of academic experience, he published extensively in academic journals, guest edited multiple special issues for academic journals and guest edited and wrote books and book chapters. Huub Ruël initiated and organized several international conferences on business diplomacy (and on e-HRM) and he has extensive international research and teaching experience.

His current research focuses on business diplomacy and morality, ethics, values and the common good, in which he uses Catholic Social Thought as a perspective for studying how large (multinational) corporations operate in the global society. One of his upcoming books in 2021 will be on business diplomacy by multinational corporations from a Catholic Social Thought perspective (Emerald Publishers). Besides his academic research interest, Dr. Huub Ruël has extensive experience with internationalization of higher education and on research-teaching integration in higher education. Dr. Huub Ruël holds a master’s degree in Psychology (Open University, The Netherlands) and Theology & Religious Studies (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) and a PhD in Business Administration (University of Twente, The Netherlands). He is married and has two daughters. Huub Ruël is an active sporter (fitness, swimming, running, cycling) and he is an amateur singer-songwriter.

Visiting Fellow at MCC: May 2021 –

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