Henri de Montety has a PhD in History obtained in France and in Hungary. He developed over the years a special interest for realism, understood as an approach of all components of reality, both material and spiritual. His main research field is art theory and art history. His latest book is;L’oeuvre d’art, l’espace et le temps. Analyse et interprétation du réel;(The piece of Art, the Space, and the Time. Analysis and Interpretation of Reality) was published at Presses Universitaires de Rennes (2021). This research in the reality of art echo in a conception of the nation as a genuine nest for culture, of the culture as a genuine ally for religion, and of the international relations as being governed by an ideological struggle to overcome nation, culture, and religion. He publishes in the French and Hungarian press, and he is a lecturer in Central & Eastern Europe geopolitics and in Political Sciences at the Catholic Institute of Higher Studies (ICES) in the Vendée (Western France).

Visiting Fellow at MCC: October – November 2022

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