I work primarily as a psychologist, but I have previously worked as an economist at Egis Pharmaceuticals and CIB Bank. Since 2015, I have taught at several universities, including Pázmány Péter Catholic University and Semmelweis University. I mainly work in the psychiatry department of the St. Rókus Hospital in Baja.

I have brought an innovative approach to a new course called Science Marketing. I feel that MCC and its students can provide the basis for this course with their talent and motivation. It is a program that has not been taken up elsewhere in the country. Only a few institutions in the world emphasize on communication, PR and marketing of scientific results. Together we can ensure that scientific value is not confined to the laboratory.

Pain management is a particular area of my research, and I hope we can deliver unprecedented efficacy in the treatment of headache. I help people living with pain through basic and applied research and practical testing.

In November 2021, I became an adult clinical and mental health psychologist.